Communication with clients

Increase the number of held appointments and eliminate late arrivals with SMS, email, and app notifications.

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60% less late arrivals

No inconvenient situations

Eliminate shifts of the entire day schedule because of a single late arrival and prevent employees to perform services in a hurry. How to make it happen? Simply remind a client about an upcoming visit. Have you faced a situation when a client mixed up the appointment time and caused a conflict situation? If a client has an SMS appointment reminder with confirmation, suchlike conflicts will never happen.

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Your own SMS appointment reminder templates

Customize all messages

With YCLIENTS, you can customize any appointment reminder text.
For example, a notification might look like this: %client_name%, we are waiting for you at %title% in %hour_minutes%. Our address: %address% and phone %phone%.
All messages come on behalf of your brand.

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Real-time notifications!

Over 20 customizable SMS, Email, app and messenger notifications

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Image Description For your team

  • Appointment time change to the administrating manager
  • Appointment time change to the specialist
  • Appointment cancellation to the administrating manager
  • Appointment cancellation to the specialist

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  • Appointment cancellation
  • Appointment reminder
  • Second visit reminder
  • Online booking details
  • Happy birthday wishes
  • Information about discounts
  • Review request after the visit
  • Bonus or discount added
  • Discount expiration

Email as it has to be

All email notifications are free for you!

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Personal design

Emails come on your behalf, in your company colors, with your logo and contact details.

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Individual communication channel
with your clients

Email responses from customers are delivered to your personal or corporate inbox.


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