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Get more clients

bookings are being done online

People like to book online. 25% of bookings happen after your working hours or when it is inconvenient to call from your clients' workplaces.
Even worse if the phone is busy or no one picked up, so your potential clients have to look for another available place on the Internet.

book more than 5 times

Moreover, if potential customers feel your care even at the first booking stage, then in the future they are more likely to become regular ones: 42% of visitors who book online will book services more than 5 times provided by the same company.

Online Booking Widget

Imagine if every visitor on your website has an opportunity to book your services right there.
No need to look for the phone number, call and spend time talking to a manager to figure out all the details.
With online booking widget, your potential clients can schedule an appointment in a few clicks and choose themselves a specialist and a convenient time.

Online Booking Widget


Mobile App

Your own branded app is not only the way to stand out from your competitors, but also a great option for online appointment scheduling for your clients.
Use app push-notifications to decrease the number of late arrivals by 60% and use loyalty program tools to double repeat visits.
Let your clients connect with you on the go.



Social Networks

Your potential clients are more likely to interact with your social pages like Facebook or Instagram.
Online Booking Button right on your social pages will increase the audience reach and the number of repeat visits from loyal customers.
More than 25% of your subscribers start regularly booking online via social networks.

Social Networks



Get your own 24/7 online personal assistant! Your clients will be able to book appointments via chatbot in their favorite messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, and others.
Chatbot saves your time by talking to multiple number of clients at the same time, answering frequently asked questions, and sending alerts about your special offers.



Create your own website

and schedule appointments online

Book appointments with your own website that is fully integrated with YCLIENTS software.

Create a website from scratch with the best website builders like WIX, Tilda, Wordpress, or Google Sites and put an online booking widget right there.

Perfect for service businesses

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Beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons, and other services

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Online booking for medical centers and veterinary clinics

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Online booking for individual and group training

Sport and fitness
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Online booking for massage salons, quest rooms, and others

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Online booking for car service, tire fitting or washing service


Online booking for group events

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Reservation of several places

Online booking for a group event without any need to create multiple appointments for each visitor.

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Event repeat

Automatically repeating an event eliminates the need to create a new one in the schedule every time.

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Analytics for group events allows you to evaluate group attendance.

Not just
online booking

A complete step-by-step guide helps customers make their choice

  • Personal profile of each client with the history and details of each visit
  • Cancel and transfer appointments online
  • Photo gallery, reviews, and information about each employee
  • Customer loyalty bonus balance
  • Favorite services and staff for instant booking

Online booking widget
is customizable for any business

  • Online booking fits seamlessly into your website design
  • Various online booking widgets for different use cases
  • Opportunity to book several services and several employees at a time
  • Easy-to-understand booking widget interface
  • Set the order of booking parameters (employee / service / time) and hide any of them if it is needed
  • Replace the entity "Employee" with any other (quest, room, service name, etc.)
  • Let your clients book services with promotions and discounts

Integrates with accounting and analytics systems

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YCLIENTS is an open platform that can be connected to any other program or service with API.

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