Marketing and customer retention

Incentivise customers via loyalty programs to boost your revenue.

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Boost revenue

Design individual offers to swing customer behavior in your favor.

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Retain customers

Use discounts and bonus points to keep your customers coming back and grow loyal.

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Increase appointment rate

Discounts and bonus points serve a good reason for customers to came back more often.

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Make them spend more

Special offers and bonus points increase the chance a customer is going to spend more than usual.

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Discounts for loyal customers

Here's how it works:

Несколько правил расчета yclients

You set up calculation rules

Based on a ruleset you define, YCLIENTS will automatically set the correct discount to a customer.

Автоматические оповещения yclients

You set up notifications

Keep you customers informed about personal offers and their loyalty status. You can choose to do so manually, or automate the process.

Гибкие пороги скидок yclients

Discount ranking

You can choose how discounts vary depending on membership status. Experiment, test results and choose the set of discounts most viable for your business.

Лимиты по времени yclients

Time-limited discounts

Time-limited offers are a sure way to keep customers coming back regularly.

Bonus points system

Helps you incentivize your customers to spend more

  • Stand out among competition
  • Incentivize your customers to return.
  • Return those who visited you a long time ago
  • Make your customer base active on day one
  • No need to change cash register equipment
  • It's way more profitable than discounts

Referral program

Incentivize your customers to recommend your services.

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Reward invitees

Bonus rewards provided for each new client make customers more likely to recommend your services.

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Reward newly invited customers

Similarly, the rewards offered to new clients make them more likely to use your services.

Bonus vouchers

Design custom bonus vouchers suitable for the needs of your business and your customers

  • Set any value
  • Set limitations, if needed: vouchers may be eligible for use with goods only or services only.
  • Vouchers can be issued for single- or multiple-use.
  • Vouchers can be valid all across your business, or at a specific location/branch.
  • Voucher accounting in financial and statistics reports is fully automated.

Membership Pass

Offer customers membership subscriptions valid across your business network.

You can limit subscription availability by branch in the settings.

A subscription can act be eligible for specific services, a group of services.

Like payments via vouchers, payments by memebership subscriptions are accounted for automatically.

Subscriptions may be time-limited.

Use custom ruleset


Reward customers according to desired criteria

Goods purchased

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Services paid for

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Number of visits



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Know who's visiting

You can't know every customer by sight. Use YCLIENTS to know who are your best clients and make exclusive offers just for them.

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Group customers by profitability

Segment your customer base by profitability and focus on retaining the most profitable of them.

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Monitor customer loyalty

Use YCLIENTS to retain customers and maintain their loyalty. Segment your customer base, and take action to focus on the group with the declining loyalty.

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Implement personal approach

Group customers by notification preference: some prefer push-notifications, some don't care and some are specifically annoyed by SMS messages. Set it all up to meet their expectations.

Know your customer

Use automated loyalty programs to improve their experience

Free of charge.
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Active across your business network

Loyalty program is valid across your business network. Bonus points and discounts accmulate after visits to any of your branches, which have the program implemented.


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