Resource Management

Manage your inventory and track stock capacity with convenient reports and analytics insights. Our management tools as part of ERP system help you reduce shortfalls.

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Build a team for profit

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Managing officer

  • identifies demanded and unclaimed goods
  • reduces material usage by over 10%
  • prevents theft cases
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  • eliminates errors in goods and supplies accounting
  • reduces time for stocktaking
  • identifies critical balances and makes timely purchases
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  • manages transactions with suppliers
  • calculates commission bonus on the go
  • takes costs of materials into account during payroll calculation

Key inventory reports

One click. Real-time. Anywhere. Online.

Анализ динамики продаж yclients

Analyze Sales Dynamics

See how many goods are sold by each employee by type and by timeframe.

Быстрая работа с товарами yclients

Goods management

Manage all the parameters of goods on one screen.

Остатки на складе yclients

Stock balance

See what positions you need to replenish and the revenue potential of what is still in stock.

Движение товаров yclients

Goods flow

All goods sales and transfers between inventory locations on one page.

Implementing inventory control

Easy way to keep your business profitable


Set up the system

Set up inventories according to your business structure

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Add goods and measurement units

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Add suppliers and contractors

Track goods transfers

Sell goods with services

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Move goods between inventory locations

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Monitor supply count for services you provide

Use reports

Access inventory balance in real-time

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Analyze sales and demand statistics

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Track goods flow

Optimize Material Usage

Set up the tool and manage your inventory according to your business needs

Product sheet

Configure the amount of supplies required for each service you provide.

Automated write-offs

Write off consumables automatically upon booking confirmation.

Don't waste consumables

Inform employees to make sure they use in accordance with the product sheet to avoid overconsumption.

Inventory depletion control

Monitor your inventory online to make sure all the necessary consumables are in stock.

Barcode Scanner Support

Implement barcode scanners to make sales up to 10 times faster

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Write-off history

Access full information about your consumables: how they were used, how many were used and how many you have in stock.

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Inventory Turnover Accounting

Take into account your inventory turnover to only buy goods that are soon to be out of stock.

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Import Reports to Excel

Automate all routine operations, set parameters and generate reports you need, exporting results in Excel format for further use.

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Cost Accounting

Take cost of consumables into account in total revenue, and for precise and viable payroll calculations.

Tools for inventory accounting

Receive automated reports and leave the routine behind.

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