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Your finances are under absolute control

Features available only with ERP system

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Save your time

Automatic revenue calculation, cash register reconciliation, discrepancy search, payroll calculation. 15 minutes instead of a few days.

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Eliminate all human errors

Automatic verification of unpaid records, a report on discrepancies and canceled records reduce the human factor and exclude theft.

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Keep things under control remotely

You always know how much money should be in the box office. A record history shows how each employee keeps records.

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Prevent any financial problems

A clear transaction history allows you to predict critical costs and cash gaps before they occur and take action quickly.

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Track all types of payments

Accounting for all payments: cash, cashless, online payment, bonuses, sales to random customers. Goods and services sales reports by the day or by the selected period by the purpose of payment.

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Control all types of expenses

Expenses for purchases, staff salaries, as well as any added expense items. Use a clear visual display in numbers or graphs, which allows you to plan and build forecasts.

Know everything about your business

The most important indicators at hand

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  • Total sales revenue of goods and services
  • Revenue forecast for the current day
  • Number of customer records
  • Accounting for all financial flows
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Average check for the period

Key Financial Statements

Key metrics at hand

Основные показатели yclients

Basic metrics

Remains at the moment and in dynamics.

Движение средств yclients

Cash flow

History of payments with employees, customers and suppliers.

Отчет за период yclients

Report for the period

Daily report on all items by certain cash desk for the selected period (in days).

P&L отчет yclients

P&L report

Annual detailing of all items of expenses and income.

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