Accounting system

Keep finances in order, control expenses and measure profitability.

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Control your finances

All ERP features in one place

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Save time

Automate revenue & payroll calculation, track cash register data, identify discrepancies. 15 minutes instead of days.

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Eliminate human factor

No more human errors or theft risks: all financial records, payments and cancellations are processed and reported automatically.

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Remote control

A history record makes keeping tabs a transparent process. You always have access to information on how much amount you have in the cash register.

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Financial issues prevention

Transaction history allows you act timely to predict critical expenses and cash shortage.

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Accounting for all payments

Track cash, card and online payments, bonus points and sales to random new customers. Reports can be broken down by day or time, with an option to further segment data by method of payment.

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Control your expenses

Track purchases, salaries, added expense items and use visual data in numbers and graphs for analytics and planning.

Know your business

Key metrics at your disposal

  • Sales revenue
  • Daily revenue forcast
  • Number of customer appointments
  • Full cash flow accounting
  • Accessible via mobile devices
  • Average purchase size over a specified time period

Vital Financial Reports

Key metrics on one screen

Основные показатели yclients

General metrics

Cash register balances at present and over time

Движение средств yclients

Flow of funds

History of transactions between your business and suppliers/customers/employees.

Отчет за период yclients

Daily reports

Generate cash register reports for a selected period of time with daily details.

P&L отчет yclients

P&L report

Annual report detailing expenses and revenue.

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