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Scheduling Calendar

Manage online and offline appointments: schedule, reschedule, or cancel in a few clicks. Build your or employees' schedule.

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Unified workplace

160 000+ specialists start their working day with YCLIENTS Appointment Scheduling Calendar. Manage your or your team's calendar: schedule, reschedule or cancel bookings automatically or manually in a few clicks.

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Client cards with a full visit history, preferences and loyalty status are always at hand.

Attach photos or any documents to each booking. Process payments by cash or online.

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Always up-to-date schedule

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Clients book via phone? Some of them prefer to book through your website? Sometimes they book through socials? It is important to keep your schedule up-to-date. Bookings are automatically updated on all devices, including smartphones. Employees can see their actual schedules. Clients can't book an appointment twice at the same time.

Free up your time

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Instant client booking search

The system displays all information about a client by the first name letters or phone number digits.

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Dynamic interface

Any booking changes are applied simultaneously on all devices. No need to reload the page.

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Mobile app

Follow and manage the schedule with a convenient admin app. All your bookings and client lists are always in your pocket.

YCLIENTS Appointment Calendar is seamlessly integrated with

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Appointment reminders

Send automatic appointment reminders to your clients by email or text message

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Inventory control

Sell and write-off consumables automatically by assigning them to a certain service. Track your inventory with reports and reorder products

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Control for all the changes

All actions are saved. Track errors in the filled data easily.

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