Client Management

Develop a meaningful client database by tracking appointments, cancellations, membership status and more.

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Automated client base

Save your time. Just book appointments and your database will update automatically. Appointment history lets you find your customers in a few clicks.

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Manage client data

Know your customers: analyze personal profiles, visit history, preferences.

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Multiple offices – unified client database.

Whether you have a branch network, or a franchise business, YCLIENTS will save you from customer profile duplicates. Thus, you'll have a unified cutomer profile all across your business, guaranteeing the database coherency.

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Convenient customer segmentation

The database allows you to segment customers by over 20 different criteria.


Customer loyalty management

Establish effective communication with your clients. The database helps you identify customers who:

  • No longer use your services
  • Started using your services at a certain time
  • Used services of specific employees
  • Used specific services
  • Are the most profitable
  • Will use your services soon
  • Are your regulars
  • Made online bookings
  • Book an appointment after a long break
  • Have their birthday coming soon
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Automate the segmentation process according to your needs by setting up a custom ruleset. Create a category and set conditions for a client to fit in. E.g.: clients who spend over a certain sum of money monthly can be automatically added to "Premium Customers" group.

Segmentation for communication

Establish communication with each customer group as needed, solving their specific issues, delivering targeted messages.

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Migrate your existing database in one click

YCLIENTS makes it easy to upload or download your database and only you set specific permissions.

Group customer notification

It'll take you just a few clicks to filter customers by any criteria and notify a specific group of special offers, schedule changes and more. Is their specialist about to go on vacation? Notify the group via SMS or email.

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