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Service-based business crisis strategy: how to get back in the game and increase client bookings + free email template

The current situation affected middle and small businesses all over the world. We are all in this together and still fighting for each other. But it doesn’t mean the virus impact on business is only negative! Yes, we can’t deny the financial problems everyone is facing now, but the crisis always makes you think of new ways to earn more or the ways to optimize your business when it is all over.

Things are definitely going to change. Soon your clients start coming back (yes they will!), it could be hard to manage your business with only pen and paper — it will only make it harder to grow your business. 

Now, when everyone else is taking compelled break — be smarter and take your time to think of how you can increase your revenue after the crisis. You have the power to change, evolve and adapt to the current innovative times. See these times as an opportunity.

The traditional method of taking appointments typically looks like that: the client calling to book a service, waiting till someone there picks up the phone and only then your staff schedule this appointment. Quite time-consuming and sometimes really inconvenient, hah? How to step further and get those tech-savvy potential clients and also optimize all your routine to be more efficient and have more time for more important tasks after the quarantine when it is needed the most?


Need a solution? Pick any from the list!


1. Let people book you online

As it was said before, time is changing – digital spreads wider to all types of businesses and the current crisis proved it. Buying and ordering services via a smartphone is a common thing. The possibility of online booking is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your clients that you keep up with the time and to allow them to book your services wherever they are. 

Get new appointments 24/7 on your website, in messengers, socials or your branded app.

online booking app

Schedule Calendar makes things even easier to control at ease: schedule, update and assign appointments to your employees in a few clicks. Your staff members will always have access to their schedules.

appointment schedule calendar

These measures lead to higher staff productivity – you and your team can spend less time on cumbersome tasks, and get higher-level jobs done much more efficiently excluding human errors.


2. Convert your customers into the loyal ones

After the lockdown times, only the strongest businesses will remain working and there will be even higher competition for the clients who, unfortunately, lost their previous place to get the services they need. Don’t cut your marketing costs as it is what helps your business running.

It is time to be especially customer-oriented and find a solution that can easily store your customer preferences and personal notes, so you can track their service history and stay updated with their habits, likes, and dislikes.

According to the collected information – group your clients and create a special communication strategy with them via email or SMS. Send them special offers or wish a happy birthday. Be nice!


3. Reduce the number of no-shows or late arrivals and save your money

Our research at YCLIENTS found that sending an appointment reminder reduced late arrivals by 60%. For this reason, it’s essential that you confirm, remind, and follow-up with customers who have booked a service.


appointment reminder


Don’t forget about the email communication! Let your clients know you are still there for them – send newsletters or just update them on how things are going.

When your business is open for visitors again, feel free to use this template to let your clients know they are welcome again:


Subject line: Yay! We are here for you again!

Email body:

Hi <Name> 

Just here to let you know that <business name> is finally open. Despite the fact of these difficult times for all of us, we understand that there might be a need for what we do. If you’re up to, we’re here to serve you.

Hygiene is an essential part of our work, but we have strengthened measures to comply with disinfection rules that prevent the spread of the pandemic. 

We’re following these instructions to stay on the safe side: 

  • Frequent hand-washing;
  • Lots of tissues and sanitizers for your usage;
  • Gloves and face masks on during service;
  • Disinfecting tools and seats after each visitor.

If you have traveled abroad or experiencing health issues, we still advise you to stay home and reschedule your appointment – we will be waiting for you. 

Looking forward to have you again – feel free to book us online: <Link>

Your <Business name>


Optimize your business with YCLIENTS – an online booking software and all-in-one automation platform for service-based businesses.


Author: Daria Prianichnikova

Global Growth Manager at YCLIENTS

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