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Medical Center Development Guide: how to stand out from competitors

Opening a medical center is not an easy thing, but it is much more difficult to develop it correctly. Today, competition in this area has reached unprecedented heights. Everyone is trying to offer the best services at an affordable price. How to develop a medical center in such harsh conditions? What to pay attention to? This article will answer these important questions. Let’s consider the medical practice development in terms of promotion and attracting new customers.

It is hardly possible to come up with something fundamentally new if you have a private clinic. The list of services and doctors remains unchanged from competitor to competitor, occasionally supplemented by new treatment methods and new specialists.

Therefore, to ensure the systematic development of a private clinic, you need to think about how to properly and effectively use what you already have.

Here are some ways to attract visitors and increase the profitability of your medical business:


Invest in an online presence

Carefully think of your development strategy on social networks. This will help strengthen your online presence. Remember that more than 50% of all users today first search for information about services on the network, make their choice and only then come to the website. To generate more clients on the Internet, follow these steps:


Create a website if you do not already have one. You don’t need to hire a developer to do it. Simply use such services as Tilda, WIX or WordPress. Also, create pages in popular social networks where you possibly can find new customers: Facebook and Instagram. If the website has already been created, do not forget to optimize it: make a logical structure, add navigation, fill with high-quality content and speed it up.

Don’t forget about SEO promotion for your website. To get started, create a SEO concept by selecting keywords relevant to your topic. Remember that keywords must be collected separately for each page! After that, add them to the finished website texts or create new content for the site – for instance, an article or any text for one landing page. This is necessary if you want your customers to easily find you in search engines. Collecting keywords and using them properly is not an easy task so you can hire a specialized agency to do it for you.

Set up contextual advertising. Create some powerful ads that will appear among the first three in the search engine when your potential customer searches for some medical services. Use Google Skillshop for Ads to learn how to create ads. The most common search is “clinics near me” or “ *particular medical service* near me”. Do not forget to prepare the page in advance for the visitors: it should look perfect and convincing, otherwise, you can lose the interest of your potential clients.

Engage in social media promotion. Regularly fill your social pages with informative content. Publish more photos of real visitors, talk about the competence of your doctors, post the current schedule and promotions. Don’t forget about targeted advertising: this is a relatively inexpensive way to attract customers. The main thing is to choose the right audience to target to.

Work with negatives and respond to positive reviews. Not all the clients write reviews about their experience with your clinic only on your website or in specially designated places. They share their notes everywhere on the Internet! Your task is to find all possible references to your clinic, thank them for their kind words, and deal with cases that caused a negative. Reputation management is very important when it comes to retain clients and attract new ones.


Attract customers offline

The development of the medical practice center includes not only online activities. Good old offline methods also work:

  • Advertise on local radio or tv-channels;
  • Hand out flyers;
  • Communicate at thematic conferences;
  • Try to get into the local media more often (but only on good occasions).


Optimize medical practice management efficiently

All of the above methods of the medical business development are aimed at attracting customers because they make up the basement of any ongoing business. However, there is another, more complex way to develop your clinic. It is based on the optimization of processes occurring within the company. This approach helps to increase work efficiency, reduce costs, and put the released funds into business development.

Thus, consider the following solutions to solve every medical practice management problems:

A revision of the doctors’ schedule. Many specialists, especially narrowly targeted ones, do not need to constantly be in the clinic. They can come only on call, and you do not have to pay for their working hours.

appointment scheduling calendar
Use Appointment Schedule Tool to manage your entire clinic

Competent financial and accounting management. If you do not understand where the money goes, developing a business can be tricky. Better to exclude human mistakes and delegate this task to medical practice software.

Maintaining a customer base. Attracting a new customer is much more difficult than returning an old one. Collect a patient base and remember your patients. Communicate with them with SMS, email or in messengers efficiently. You can group clients, for instance, by their last visit date and the medical treatment they got, and send them special offers to get them back.

Optimization of the booking process for your customers. You can reduce the cost of maintaining the army of administrating managers and receptionists by simply installing the online booking widget on your website or in socials.

You can simplify all this complex work on developing a medical practice center by optimizing processes using the YCLIENTS program  – an online booking software and all-in-one automation platform for service-based businesses.


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