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Manage your service business online: all-in-one solution for appointment scheduling

Use YCLIENTS tools, automate your business and save your time for more important tasks.

People like to book online. 25% of bookings happen after your working hours or when it is inconvenient for clients to call. 42% of visitors who book online will book services more than 5 times provided by the same company.

Attract new customers through online booking on your website, in messengers and social networks

YCLIENTS online booking widget allows you to add customers to the schedule without the participation of an administrator, after hours and without a need to call. Your client will be able to select a service, employee, convenient date and time in a few clicks. You can easily customize the widget design according to your corporate identity.

The booking widget is placed on your website and on social networks. This means that your client can check the price list, see which services you offer and immediately book without going to a separate page and a need to call the administrator.


online booking scheduling calendar
Online Booking Widget in a user interface

Having more than one service location? You can set up the online booking for different offices or salons. The widget will allow the client to select an address in the first step.

online booking appointment scheduling calendar
Select address before booking

Save your time for more important tasks

Wondering how to perform basic tasks better and devote more time to your customers or more important things? Delegate boring tasks to YCLIENTS!

YCLIENTS Appointment Calendar is an online calendar where you can set up and change employee schedules, add, move, or delete appointments. When customers book your services online, their appointments will be automatically added to the calendar.

online appointment scheduling calendar widget
Online Appointment Scheduling Calendar

Know everything about your customers’ preferences. All information about customers and loyalty programs is stored in customer cards in the client database. Your administrator will be able to see the client’s card, the visit history, preferences, and statistics. Using this information, your employees can offer visitors suitable additional services or products. The filter system will help you to select certain clients for targeted advertising mailing or just to see a list of “Lost” customers.

customer database online booking
Client’s Card

Several people can work with the calendar at the same time from different devices: computers, tablets, or mobile phones. This will help you synchronize the work in different shifts and avoid overlaps in the schedule.

Manage your business with your mobile phone

A mobile app for employees will increase the efficiency of your workers. Using app your employees can create and close bookings, write off consumables, sell goods, and while you are on your way to work, for example, you can see brief analytics. The app for administrators has the same appointment calendar where the administrator can create a booking, reschedule it, leave a comment, and accept the payment.

online appointment scheduling app for employees
Employee App Interface

You will manage the employees’ editing rights in the app: they will be able to view and edit information only if you provide access to them.

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