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Manage your service business online: how to keep your customers using client database?

If people come to your company to get services, then most probably they are satisfied with the service costs, location, and reviews. But it does not guarantee that they will return again, even for a quality service. Perhaps the competitor will lower the price or hire a brilliant specialist, and next month your client will go there.

Create an emotional connection using client management software and visitors will come to you again. Take into consideration their preferences, draw up individual offers based on this, remind them of yourself by sending notifications, and simply stay in touch with them. YCLIENTS tools — the Client Database and the Notification Module — will do this job for you. Keep track of all clients using less annoying CRM and return them with marketing tools.

Save data of all your clients automatically

Client Database — a customer data platform

When creating an appointment, a client’s name, contact information (phone and email), money spent, number, and dates of visits are added to the client base instantly. If necessary, you can edit it manually – for example, add actual or additional customers’ phone numbers.

client database customer data platform
Client Database

Make a discount system that benefits you

Automatic discount calculation

Set up the rules and client category – VIP, Loyal, Regular, or your custom one, and the discount for each client will be calculated automatically and displayed in the client base.

client management software client base
See all the discounts

If a client forgets a loyalty card, you can still give him or her a discount, and this will positively affect the loyalty to your services.

Keep a single customer base if your company has several branches

A single unified database for a chain

Simplify working with data and keep an eye on your audience: for instance, loyalty program members can visit different branches and get discounts everywhere.

client base client management software
Chain Client Database

Find customers you need instantly

Use filters for customer segmentation

Filter your visitors by birthday, frequency of visits, booking status, and more. This will help you to apply customer relationship marketing by creating special offers and sending them to your clients. For instance, create a special offer for birthdays or your regular customers, or identify customers who have not come to you for a month and send them a special offer which they can’t decline.

customer segmentation client management software
Customer segmentation with filters

If you need to find one specific client, the Client Database provides a quick search by name, phone, email, or loyalty card number.

Send newsletters and notifications in a few clicks

Segment and select customers for automated text messages

Upload data to Excel, add as many client categories as you need. Send an automated text message.

client management software customer segmentation
Select clients from the database for mailing

Reduce late arrivals by 60%

Notification Module

With email, mobile and messenger appointment reminders, it is easier to follow the planned schedule and avoid conflict situations: visitors less likely will mix up appointment time if they get a reminder in advance. You don’t need to think about what to do with your next client’s booking. Moreover, an appointment reminder excludes the possibility of a situation when a client simply forgets about the scheduled booking.

customer data platform appointment reminder
Send messages with the Notification Module

Notify customers about promotions and discounts

With the notification module, you will automatically:

  • get the opportunity to remind your customers about upcoming visits;
  • notify customers about confirmation, cancellation and booking transfers;
  • request service feedback;
  • notify about bonuses and discounts;
  • warn about the discount expiration;
  • send newsletters about special offers;
  • wish a happy birthday and congratulate your customers with other holidays.

Save money on sending messages

Choose mobile push notifications instead of SMS and reduce the cost of newsletters. Using a more profitable tool, you can send messages more often. This will increase the number of returned customers and help to keep them.

appointment reminder automated text message client management
Turn push notifications on

You can use all communication channels to be more efficient: push notifications, SMS, and email.

Address personally to each client

Use your own unique texts in notifications that emphasize your positioning. You can add customer names and company address to your messages. Here is an example of a personalized appointment reminder:

% client_name%, we are waiting for you in% title% in% hour_minutes%. Our address:% address% and phone% phone%

All messages come on behalf of your brand.

Promptly inform employees about shifts in the planned timing

The module allows you to send notifications to your employees on:

  • booking rescheduling (to administrators/managers and specialists);
  • booking cancelation (to administrators/managers and specialists);
  • incoming and missed calls.


Take advantage of the Client Database and the Notification Module, and other YCLIENTS client management tools, register for free and get free access to all features for 7 days.

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