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How Integrated Online Payments Can Benefit Your Business

YCLIENTS aims to help you scale your business so you can focus on things you fancy doing. That’s why we have recently launched our new feature – online payments with Stripe! Stripe is the global leader in online payments. Stripe supports taking credit/debit card transactions online, safely and securely. Now, you can accept payments online right in your YCLIENTS booking form.

Wondering what are the benefits of selling your services online? Here are the top reasons to start using online payments and grow your business:

Receive prepayments for your services online – protect your precious time.

Imagine if you pay for something in advance. You are more committed to this than when you are planning to go there just in your head. The same works for your clients: when they pay for services in advance or use their securely stored payment information for booking, they are more likely to follow your cancellation and no-shows policies. That’s a total win-win.

Integrated Online Payments Stripe
Your customers can pay for services online while booking

If a client, unfortunately, still can’t make it to come, you are still able to protect yourself and set up cancellation fees. When returning the payment, apply this fee, and keep your business safe. You can do it with YCLIENTS online payment feature!

Meet the new world and new standards: shopping online.

The latest events changed the way people do usual things and especially – their attitude to the online world. The recent research showed a 21% increase in online orders in March 2020 vs March 2019, 41% of respondents said that they started to shop online for things they would normally shop for in-store.

Even if you do your business offline – customers are still willing to pay online. It is a trending habit which business owners should keep in mind.

Protect yourself from fraud and keep track of your finances.

Besides the fact Stripe makes the whole payment process 100% secure and stores credit card details in a PCI-compliant environment, it is also possible to detect suspicious payments with Stripe alerts. You can check these payments and refund them as a fraud if it is needed.

service payments online stripe

Also, you can track all your online financial activities with Stripe payment reports.

Accept payments in your preferred currencies internationally.

Dealing with international customers? They can make payments in their own currency but you will receive payments in your preferred one. Stripe automatically convert it with a minimum fee. No additional headache – only a smoothly running business.

Take advantage of the online payment feature, and other YCLIENTS service-based business management tools, register for free, and get access to all features for 7 days!


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