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Beauty Salon Management Guide for Beginners

Opening a beauty salon is only half the battle. Competent management is no less important here. As a beauty salon owner, you should pay attention to every detail and not let anything drift. Otherwise, you may encounter unsatisfied customers, poor quality service, inspections by supervisory authorities and profit loss.

Beauty salon management involves monitoring:

Ongoing expenses and revenue. It is necessary to fix these indicators and double-check all documents daily. Pay particular attention to excessing income (more than 30%) or expenses (more than 20%).

Primary expense documentation. Financial management of a beauty salon is best left to the accountant or the director himself. If you constantly monitor all the indicators, you can timely identify inappropriate spending, theft and much more.

The individual dynamics of masters’ performance. It allows you to identify the most productive employees and those who are least interested in professional development.

Build an effective beauty management system

The profitability of a beauty salon depends largely on the position of the business owner. To achieve your business goals, you cannot do without an interesting concept and a detailed plan for implementing the strategy. If there is no clear control system, then the owner of a beauty salon runs the risk of facing following problems:

  • a lack of interest of employees in the business development of the salon.
  • non-observance of discipline and company charter.
  • incorrect management actions that interfere with business development, or lack thereof.

Try effective ways to get more clients

The key to successful sales in the beauty business is the availability of regular customers. Effective beauty salon management implies the organization of a customer-oriented service. In this case, it refers to the creation of a marketing plan, a loyalty program, special offers, etc. Marketing in the beauty industry is one of the most powerful ways to attract new clients and retain old ones.

How to manage a beauty salon without experience?

Use the following tips:

Do a little more for your customers than what they expect. Attentive and friendly attitude to visitors will help to build trust between your brand and your customers. In case of some minor misunderstandings, those clients will always be a little bit more loyal and will less likely spread negative reviews.

Better not impose additional services to the real or potential client. This can cause a negative reaction. Optimally, if you or your employees take an interest in what else you could help him or her and suggest accordingly their real needs.

Tell only the truth about the services offered. If you embellish the result and the client receives not what is expected, the reputation of your salon will be tarnished, and the visitor is unlikely to return again.

Do not forget to pamper your regular customers. Make a discount or provide some service as a gift. This approach will be the key to the client’s heart, he or she will remember this and come back to your salon once again.

How to get more appointments right at the beginning?

YCLIENTS software will help automate business processes and build a customer-oriented service. How?

Using YCLIENTS, you can let people book an appointment with a hairdresser, make-up artist, nail master online. Today, most people spend their time on the Internet. Buying and ordering services via a smartphone is a common thing. The possibility of online booking is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your clients that you keep up with the time and to allow them to book your services wherever they are.

online appointment calendar
Easy-to-manage Online Appointment Calendar

Moreover, YCLIENTS salon management software makes it possible to work with an appointment calendar. Your masters will always have access to their schedule. Making changes in a few clicks is much easier and faster, and your employees never miss important schedule updates.

YCLIENTS allows you to maintain a client database. How to achieve maximum customer focus? This can only be done by knowing your customers well. But what if there are a lot of them? A smart system will store data for each client. You can identify those who often come to your beauty salon, and who stopped doing it. Using this information, you can take the right action – give them a discount or remind them about yourself with SMS, email or messenger notifications.

Start with YCLIENTS absolutely for free now and grow your beauty salon business!