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6 effective ways to attract patients to your dental clinic

Dentistry is one of the most favorable areas for investments, but with high competition. In every city, there are dozens of dental centers: from modest dental offices to large network clinics. To stay afloat, it is necessary to know how to attract patients to the dental clinic efficiently.

Here are 6 effective points to consider when attracting dental patients:


To be a winner, it is not necessary to have an office in the city center. It is important that the hospital is conveniently accessible by public and private transport.

The personnel competence

Professionalism, accuracy, and cleanliness of a personnel are visible from the first minute of the meeting. If a doctor started a patient examination without gloves, and during treatment caused discomfort, the client is unlikely to make an appointment again. You can also attract patients by treating complex diseases, conducting rare operations, using experimental but reliable techniques.

Offline and online advertising 

How to attract patients to the dentistry that has just opened? At first, only online and street advertisement will work. Use any tools: flyers, banners, billboards, websites, social networks. Later, patients will hopefully come via word of mouth.

Marketing campaigns 

Discounts, promotions, and special offers have always been an effective way to attract patients to dentistry. Reduced prices will help expand the audience among students and retirees. Try to go viral with exceptional quality of service or interesting marketing offers – for instance, first free visit for new clients or 20% discount if a patient refers to anyone else.


After the provision of the service, doctors should ask clients if they are satisfied with everything. You can ask to leave feedback on the website or on the company’s page in social networks. Or encourage them to do it with special offers for their next visits.

Automated service 

Making an appointment with a doctor through the registry is becoming less and less relevant – your clients use computers or telephones to make it very convenient and time-saving. Online booking is an efficient way to get an appointment in a few clicks. Busy people do not need to leave work to come to the hospital and make an appointment with a doctor, and introverts do not have to call – let them book your services online.

Attracting corporate clients in dentistry

Corporate clients for dentistry are a gold mine for a business. One company can bring an average of 10-15 clients to the clinic. There are two ways to increase client flow to dentistry by proposing:

  • corporate subscription for employees;
  • signing a service contract at a discount.

In both cases, the dental clinic receives a significant influx of customers, and the head of the company demonstrates care for its employees. You can contact the owners of companies by phone or e-mail, sending a commercial offer.

Automate your dentistry business

Most of the ways to attract clients to dentistry allows you to keep them and convert them into regular visitors. However, to make your clinic even more modern and convenient for patients, it is advisable to automate the basic processes of your everyday routine.

This can be done by the cloud platform YCLIENTS. It is attached to the website and allows you to solve numerous problems for both visitors and clinic staff.

appointment scheduling calendar
Use Appointment Schedule Tool to manage your entire clinic

Online booking. Patients can get to the dentist with a few clicks. They only need to choose a doctor, date and convenient time, and then fill their phone number and email in.

Appointment calendar. It’s enough for a doctor to have a phone on hand to find out his schedule. YCLIENTS automatically records all client data, which are then displayed by the clinic staff in their appointment calendar.

SMS and email alerts. Set up automatic sending of notifications to the customer’s email or phone a couple of days before receiving it. So the patient will definitely not miss a trip to the doctor, and you will not have windows in the schedule.

Customer database. This function allows you to increase the customer focus of your dental clinic. You can easily track the frequency of visits. For regular customers this way you can develop personalized discounts and increase their loyalty. For those who are new, organize a newsletter with all your clinic updates and important information or offers.

YCLIENTS will ensure the guaranteed involvement of primary patients in dentistry and turn them into regular customers of your clinic!